Online Exhibition at MIMA

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Thresholds is a digital exhibition that explores the impact of Covid-19 on relationships to home. Curator Aidan Moesby commissioned artists Sonia Boué, Lindsay Duncanson and Catriona Gallagher to develop new films and photographs in response to their experiences of 2020. The exhibition includes an essay by writer and academic Jade French co-commissioned with Corridor8.

This exhibition is organised as part of Aidan Moesby’s curatorial associateship with MIMA through our partnership programme with DASH, MAC and Wysing Arts Centre. This national partnership supports the development of Disabled curators. Read more here

An online panel discussion is hosted by Disability Arts Online on 28 October, 18.00 – 19.00. Sign up here

ENTWINED Residency at VARC, Northumberland

July 2020 - April 2021

ENTWINED: Rural. Land. Lives. Art.

Over the ten months in Northumberland, I will be researching perceived categorisations of the natural, manmade and wildness. I will be looking at systems of knowledge, control and management of nature locally, identifying such traces in the landscape alongside more collaborative practices and rituals performed on the land. Working with local people will be key and I’m hoping to develop collaborations with performers to include local voices, dialects and bodies.

Mapping such patterns, whether physical or informational, will constitute my beginnings in drawing and writing, which I anticipate will progress into moving image over the course of the residency.  I plan to begin with an open ended approach to the Ecology of Place and see what strikes me as pertinent and holds my interest when immersed in the locality.

Laterale Film Festival

World Premiere of They met under a ceiling of sky

Laterale Film Festival, September 28-29-30th 2020

Cinema San Nicola, Cosenza, Italy.

'Have you ever heard the wind blowing through some uninhabited houses? It changes the perspective and they seem not so empty anymore; something has left a trace, but you have arrived just a moment too late. And yet, who can say that what we believe to be lost is something apart from ourselves? This is the meaning of a visitation to a lonely house by a woman. The knowledge of that trace changes, little by little, her way of living; it is a slight but decisive perceptible slipping. Along with her, we go after a ghost who lives in a written page. This recollection switches from the paper to her thought. They will be able to meet, the woman and her followed spirit, where the wind has disappeared, under a ceiling of sky.' - Laterale Film Festival

as tree

Group exhibition, screenings of Perdikaki, Co. Sligo, Ireland


October 9th-17th 2020

Shane Finan, Tadhg ó Cuirrín, Catriona Gallagher

Curator/organiser: Shane Finan

Venue: St. George's Hall, St. George's Church, Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo

In a year when the human role in our environment has never been so pronounced, these artworks about humans and nature form a timely event in rural north-west Ireland. The works include an interactive light installation that responds to the behaviour of visitors, a film that will be screened at intervals, and watercolour paintings of plastic landscapes. Booking is necessary to attend the exhibition to comply with COVID-19 restrictions.

Supported by Creative Ireland Programme Sligo (2018-2022).

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