Moments in Place 


triple channel video projection installation, stereo sound

Duration 8:24

Installation view at Edinburgh College of Art, Fine Art Sculpture Degree Show 2013.

Present placement, both the place mentally and physically occupied, is the mind’s occupation. It is possible, also, for the mind to be occupied by it. The place fills the mind from afar.

On first discovery of the place the mind is most active, frantically absorbing and processing information from the senses. Quieter rhythms then ensue when the place becomes familiar in successive visits. Contemplation and recollection in time bring a steady haze.

Memory favours the stable, constant and unmoving structures, while the attention seeks temporal, fleeting activity. The outline and the structure persist for the imagination to make use of. It is the constant, the identifying factor. This permanence is held on to, it is the anchor that ensures attachment persists, and perpetuates.

Yet even the permanent falls away in time, no longer able to persist on the landscape, nor on the landscape of memory. It is lost when things draw apart. Present placement moves to become displacement, and the mind is cast adrift once more.

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