The Flight of 243 Bougainvillea (or €242.8 billion of debt)


portrait format HD video

duration 6:06

Additional sound and music by Andreas Papapetrou

Produced during Khora Residency, hosted by Syros Sound Meetings and Syros International Film Festival 2015. 

Filmed on the island of Syros, Greece in June-July 2015, coinciding with the politico-economic turmoil leading up to the 2015 Greek referendum, where the people voted ὀχι (no) by 61% to European bailout conditions, leading to the ensuing threat of Greece’s exit from the EU. 243 dead bougainvillea flowers were gathered from the narrow streets of Ano Syros and released to the perils of the town’s famous winds. The government later made a u-turn on the vote and accepted to implement 3 years of the harshest austerity measures in the financial crisis in exchange for a third bailout package.

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