I have passed over the olive line

the bright green of the north-west gives way to the silver greens of the south-east

life's all about water after all

where there's abundant water the green is vibrant and vivid

where there's not the green darkens and silvers

they told me that this was the least green city in Europe

so I looked for the green wherever I could 

and I found more than they would have led me to expect

they could not see the green at their feet

2018, HD video, duration 37 minutes.

A film by Catriona Gallagher.

Editing assistant Nikoleta Leousi. 

Musical composition and sound design by Alyssa Moxley.

Featuring John Bicknell (The Collector) and Maroula Antoniadou (The Kyria). 

Perdikaki (2018) is a wandering narrative through the city of Athens, Greece, exploring the growth of the prolific weed, περδικακι (Parietaria or pellitory-of-the-wall), and its relationship to the urban environment. As three characters search for meaning in the prolific yet overlooked weed, their methods and objectives entangle and intertwine. The Narrator’s search for the elderly lady first seen picking the weed, the Kyria, leads us through the empty and abandoned places of the city. As observations and findings accumulate, a fictional researcher, The Collector, emerges and the focus blurs: are we in pursuit of the elderly lady’s wisdom, or The Collector’s? And other than the symbolic plant, do the other players exist at all?

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