They met under a ceiling of sky

They met under a ceiling of sky, HD video, duration 21 minutes, 2020

Music by Yannis Kotsonis

A woman goes to an island to stay in the house of a friend. She goes alone to get some headspace on recent events. She has visited this house before, then in company, now in solitude. She opens the house gradually, exploring interiors and exteriors over several days. She breaks old routines and makes new ones. She opens its shutters and windows in the mornings and closes them at night. She spends her time writing, reading, rewriting and rereading. She is not waiting for anyone or anything in particular. She recounts their former visits to the house. She writes in one language and speaks in another. She inhabits memories that are not her own. She opens her thoughts. She is an island from the others. She rewrites it all. She is multiplied. 

Installation view at Ruskin School of Art MFA Degree Show 2019

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