Back home, Kypselian Salon - Snehta, Athens

29th Dec 2020 - 10th January 2021. Online exhibition 

Given the social constrains we are all facing, Snehta decided to develop a virtual version of its annual Salon exhibition to make it accessible to every single one of you. While it was difficult to showcase new artworks in the exhibition, the team selected works from the depot to present you a well curated experience. The exhibition takes place literally in a Kypselian Salon, that being Ag.Zonis’ apartment where some of the participating artists and former residents have lived and stayed there during their residency at Snehta. 

Artists Irini Bachlitzanaki, John Bicknell, Amalia Charikiopoulou, Aristea Charoniti, Florent Frizet, Catriona Gallagher, Ioanna Gouma, Steven Harvey, Elsa Henderson, Eva Isleifsdottir, Ismene King, Vasiliki Koukou, Dimitra Kousteridou, Vasiliki Lefkaditi, Eleanor Lines, Theodora Malamou, Nikos Mantzios, Tommaso Mauriello, Zoi Moutsokou, Pantelis Pantelopoulos, Sofia Papapolyzou, Iris Plaitakis, Lucas Recchione, Joseph Stokes, Augustus Veinoglou, Su Wang, Apostolos Zerdevas, Stathis-Alexandros Zoulias 

Team: Project management, concept: Augustus Veinoglou, 3D design, scripting, visual ramifications: Christos Bourantas, Project assistant & press: Simone Niarou, Snehta coordination, Graphic design & photography: Tommaso Maurellio, Snehta internship programme, Erasmus+

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