Laterale Film Festival - World Premiere of They met under a ceiling of sky

Laterale Film Festival, September 28-29-30th 2020 Cinema San Nicola, Cosenza, Italy. 

‘Have you ever heard the wind blowing through some uninhabited houses? It changes the perspective and they seem not so empty anymore; something has left a trace, but you have arrived just a moment too late. And yet, who can say that what we believe to be lost is something apart from ourselves? This is the meaning of a visitation to a lonely house by a woman. The knowledge of that trace changes, little by little, her way of living; it is a slight but decisive perceptible slipping. Along with her, we go after a ghost who lives in a written page. This recollection switches from the paper to her thought. They will be able to meet, the woman and her followed spirit, where the wind has disappeared, under a ceiling of sky.’ - Laterale Film Festival 

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