Roscommon Arts Centre

stills in log from new filming in the West of Ireland, July 2022

Roscommon Arts Centre is delighted to announce its Creative Ireland “Wings” Resident for 2022 is Visual Artist Catriona Gallagher.

Catriona Gallagher is a British-Irish visual artist based in Athens. Her work moves between film, drawing, writing and installation and navigates the overlooked details in our physical surroundings and the psychological landscapes mirroring them.

Catriona is currently developing a new film work Forest AI (working title) which uses a documentary approach to research forest ecology in commercial plantations across the British Isles. Walking interviews with foresters, ecologists, volunteers and local residents are overlaid with a speculative narrative exploring the not-so-distant future of AI technologies being used to manage commercial forests. A series of drawings and models sit alongside her film work, depicting the rhomboid shapes of Sitka Spruce plantations from above and emulating the increasingly digital mediation of the landscape. During Catriona’s residency at Roscommon Arts Centre, she will be collecting new film footage of forestry practice in the West of Ireland, developing her film narrative, and working on drawings and models in the studio.”

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