Screening and artist’s talk at the British School at Athens

BSA Friends Lecture: “An Athenian plant through time: a film screening and artist’s talk” by Catriona Gallagher Visual Artist (Bridget Riley Fellow 2022-23 – BSR)

Thursday 11th May @ 6:00pm BSA Upper House (Director’s Residence), 52 Souedias Street, GR10676 Athens, Greece.

To attend IN PERSON please register here: 

In 2013 British-Irish artist Catriona Gallagher discovered an unfamiliar plant growing from Athens’ urban fabric: περδικἀκι (perdikaki). She returned to Athens in 2014 to research the prolific yet overlooked weed in drawing, writing, and video. The resulting film, Perdikaki (2019, 38 minutes), traces the plant’s relationship to Athens – from Pliny the Elder’s medicinal descriptions, through the Grand Tour, to the abandonment of the crisis years. The film led to projects such as Athina Garden City, centered on creating an urban garden for A-DASH project space in Neapoli, as well as the artist’s current research at the British School at Rome on the metamorphosis of the mythological figure Daphne.

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